GPLyrRigToolBox (Blender2.8/Blender2.9 GreasePencil layer rigging addon)

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Tested on (2.80, 2.90 and also on 3 alpha!)

Hey you! Yeah you!

Do you like rigging grease pencil objects by using the layer bone relation? Are you tried of manually setting up the bone’s link to layer?

Introducing GPLyrRigToolBox!

GPLyrRigToolBox comes with a set of functions that eases up the Grease Pencil layer rigging workflow. Now you are able to get to animation faster than ever before!

Features :

  • Create layer based on all the bones from your armature
  • Create multiple layer by text
  • Delete multiple layer by text
  • Get names of all the bones and grease pencil layer (Full Version)
  • Create layer based on the bones written from text (Full version)

All in one click!

(GPLyrRigToolBox is still in its initial phase and is an ongoing development project. Please try the lite version first to see if the Addon is up to your standard and if the extra functions are worth it for you)

Roadmap :

  • Rename layers through text
  • Setup layer with bone in a list interface (Full version).(Done)
  • Create layer based on selected bones in pose mode (Full Version) (Done)

Release :

Version 0.0.3 Lite (May 2)

  • No major changes, Just fixed some bug and polished the code.

Version 0.0.5 (April 30)

  • Fixed some error message and warnings, some functions/panel now requires you to signify targeted grease pencil and armature object beforehand in the Set Objects panel
  • + New feature : create vertex group for grease pencil based on selected bone's name in pose mode#Blender #Blender2.8 #Blender2.9 #Blender3 #GreasePencil #b2d #rigging #blendergp


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GPLyrRigToolBox (Blender2.8/Blender2.9 GreasePencil layer rigging addon)

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